Nature Therapy

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Strengthening our bond with nature to elevate wellbeing.


We are adaptable by design. 

We are naturally adaptable. However, in a world full of challenges, our ability to adapt often goes unnoticed. In the midst of the demands of personal, workplace, and community life, signs of declining health can easily be overlooked. At Adaptable By Design, we leverage the power of nature to overcome these challenges and boost physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

Explore nature-based wellbeing.

Embrace a holistic wellness approach through a deeper connection with nature. Join Adaptable By Design on a transformative nature-based wellbeing journey, fostering nature-connectedness, and empowering you to adapt to change. Our techniques guide you to rediscover your natural self, establishing sustainable patterns of resourceful attitudes and behaviors.

Experience the essence of nature-based wellbeing.

Our approach goes beyond traditional methods. Work with the natural world to address current issues and build resilience for future challenges. Experience genuine nature-based well-being with Adaptable By Design, where challenges are overcome, resilience is strengthened, and overall well-being is enhanced.

Reconnect with your natural self, navigate change effortlessly, and embark on a journey to lasting wellness with Adaptable By Design.

What is Nature Connectedness?

Nature Connectedness is the bond between a person and the rest of nature. An individual’s sense of their relationship with the natural world. A relationship with nature that makes up a part of their identity and brings pro-nature and pro-conservation behaviours. Developing nature connectedness is important because it builds our overall wellbeing.

Pathways to nature connectedness:

Senses – tuning into nature through the senses increases our observation.
Emotion – feeling alive through the emotions and feelings nature brings.
Beauty – noticing the beauty of nature encourages us to notice our own.
Meaning – nature brings meaning to our lives, inspiring us to live well.
Compassion – caring and taking action for nature develops self compassion.


Why does this matter?

Our health and wellbeing are intricately linked to the health and vitality of the natural world. The consequences of our actions, such as decreasing biodiversity, diminishing greenspace, and climate change, severely impact the environment. This, subsequently affects us. Beyond this, our disconnection with nature is evident in the global mental health crisis and declining life expectancy.

Let’s take action to help ourselves and our planet.

Nature Connectedness matters because it is the foundation of wellbeing. As a result, people experience:

  • Increased happiness and pleasure,
  • Increased sense of self and purpose,
  • Greater ability to manage emotions and mental wellbeing,
  • Moreover, because of their deep connection to nature, they show more pro-environmental behavior, like reducing their carbon footprint and helping wildlife.

Biodiversity matters because of its effect on the productivity and stability of natural ecosystems.

These systems are crucial for our food, medicine, and development. Consider this: 60% of the world’s population depends on plant-based medicine. When plant diversity decreases, it affects the availability of these medicines, impacting the health of those relying on them. Equally important is our reliance on the biodiversity of natural crops such as trees, fish, and food crops. Having strong genetic diversity in plant crops boosts yield without needing chemicals to compensate for lower plant resilience and poor soil. Additionally, more diverse systems are better at withstanding changes in the climate.

Access to Greenspace matters because it develops nature connectedness, mitigates the effects of pollution in urban areas, encourages social behaviour and improves our overall wellbeing.

As greenspace has declined, so too has our wellbeing. Greenspace is linked to decreased levels of depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Furthermore, it has the potential to enhance quality of life. Moreover, it offers health benefits and contributes to maintaining a healthier weight, consequently lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Climate action matters because climate change is disrupting national economies and affecting lives and livelihoods.

We have an opportunity to take actions that will lead to better lives for all. Each of us can make a difference. ActNow is the UNs campaign for individual action. Download the AWorld app now to learn what you can do to take climate action.

Embrace nature-based wellbeing.
Because there is only one you, and one earth.
It’s time to effect real change for both.

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