Coaching provides the support and facilitates the motivation to achieve goals. Working with a coach inspires a growth mindset and helps you identify issues, uncover root problems and develop natural strategies to overcome them. Work with a coach for:

  • Goals and Strategy: Focus, Mental Clarity, Mindset, Planning.
  • Wellbeing: Confidence, Stress, Anxiety, Self-prioritization, Limiting Beliefs.
  • Workplace: Develop Skills, Improve Communication.
  • Academia: Performance, Social Engagement.
  • Climate Action: Increase awareness of climate issues and how to take climate action. 

Walk and Talk Coaching

Experiencing the natural world enhances our awareness, providing clarity of mind. It inspires us to be creative, teaches us how to survive and leads us to understand our own nature. Its calming influence on our bodies and minds makes it conducive to long-term planning and goal setting. When we are calm, we allow ourselves the time and space to think through our goals and develop strategies to achieve them. 

Why Walk and Talk Coaching?

Walk and Talk Coaching removes the triggers that affect your mindset, perspective and behaviour. We work in step with the natural environment to engage your senses and use natural observation techniques to open up creative thinking and facilitate problem solving. The process gives you the time and space to establish new connections to your existing ecology leading you to develop strategies to overcome the problems unique to you, adapt to change and remain resilient through change.

Where does it happen?

Walk and talk coaching can happen in any natural space and be as gentle as you like; a walk on a beach, woodland path or even sitting on a park bench may be all it takes to find clarity and decide your next steps. As long as you’re within an easy distance of Colchester, Essex or Sudbury, Suffolk we can work with you.

How does it work?

Book your walk and talk coaching session from our booking page. If walk and talk coaching is new to you, I encourage you to first book a consultation to allow us to address questions and concerns. 

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Virtual Coaching

Coaching with us is not limited to walk and talk. Virtual coaching services are available to support you wherever you are.
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a psychological approach to understanding language and behaviour and how to adjust our thinking and behaviour to achieve desired outcomes. For example, surely at some point you have asked yourself, ‘Why do I keep doing that?’. Using NLP techniques, you can understand why you do what you do and learn how to change your behavior so you can finally get the results you want.

How can NLP help?

Using the NLP models, you can create cognitive behavioural change to adopt more resourceful states of thinking and behaviour.

Coaching and NLP go hand in hand. Together, coaching and NLP are used to help become an effective communicator and problem solver. By practicing NLP you can view the world from new perspectives. This opens up possibilities and allows you to become more flexible and resourceful in the way you approach any challenge.

NLP can be included as part of any coaching program. Together, our coaching and NLP programmes can help you achieve outstanding results.

Book a free consultation to learn more and decide if NLP is right for you.

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*Ad Hoc Services

 DISC Profiling

The DISC profile is a personality assessment tool used to improve workplace systems, teamwork, leadership, sales, communication and collaboration. They are well-known to transform professional relationships because they identify top performers, increase team performance, and enhance communication. Add this to any wellbeing programme for maximum impact!

Drive your business forward efficiently and effectively by working together with your team while also considering the support, development and resources they need to be their best. 

Price: starting at £100/profile