A coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

Why Work With A Coach?

Goals & Strategy: Focus, Clarity of Mind, New Perspective, Decisions, Planning, Actions, Accountability.

Overall Wellbeing: Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Self-Esteem, Confidence,  Disconnected, Sense of Purpose, Social Engagement, Life Satisfaction, Weight Goals.

Professional: Redundancy, Career Change, Develop Skills, Perspective, Communication

Academia: Academics, Social Engagement, Performance

Community: Networking, Strategy, Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour, Ecotourism, Community Wellbeing.

Climate Action: Exercise your leadership for change, increase awareness of climate issues and what your organisation or community can do to take climate action. 


Personal  •  Workplace  •  Community

Know Your Outcome. Set Your Actions. Achieve Your Goals.

Our life, leadership and nature based coaching and NLP provide the inspiration and motivation to achieve goals, foster a growth mindset and elevate wellbeing. We offer traditional life coaching, leadership coaching and nature based coaching in person or virtually. Coaching and NLP are offered together at any session.

Coaching helps you to identify issues, uncover root problems and develop strategies to overcome them. You will learn how to adapt to change, remain resilient through change, and set and achieve personal and professional goals.

Coaching with nature means using nature as a guide to gain insights by practicing sensory immersion, observing activity, identifying networks, developing relationships and discovering new patterns of behaviour. It can be as gentle as you like and can even be done virtually.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your personal wellbeing, improve workplace dynamics, establish community programmes or take climate action steps, we can coach you and your teams to achieve your goals.

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 Individual Coaching To:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase focus
  • Gain insights
  • Elevate wellbeing
  • Gain new perspective
  • Achieve goals
  • Establish support
  • Be held accountable

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Designed for Teams To:

  • Improve employee relationships
  • Support company culture
  • Adapt to other work styles
  • Enhance communication
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Help ease climate change!

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Build Wellbeing Through:

  • Ecotourism programs
  • Pro-environmental action
  • Natural wellbeing locations
  • Vibrant social network
  • Robust natural environment
  • Help ease climate change!

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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a psychological approach to understanding language and behaviour and how to adjust our thinking and behaviour to achieve desired outcomes. For example, surely at some point you have asked yourself, ‘Why do I keep doing that?’. Using NLP techniques, you can understand why you do what you do and learn how to change your behavior so you can finally get the results you want.

How can NLP help?

Using the NLP models, you can create cognitive behavioural change to adopt more resourceful states of thinking and behaviour.

Coaching and NLP go hand in hand. Together, coaching and NLP are used to help become an effective communicator and problem solver. By practicing NLP you can view the world from new perspectives. This opens up possibility and allows you to become more flexible and resourceful in the way you approach any challenge.

NLP can be included as part of any coaching program. Together, our coaching and NLP programmes can help you achieve outstanding results.

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