We Elevate Wellbeing


Adaptable By Design is a green wellbeing service provider offering nature-based solutions to elevate wellbeing and the vitality of the natural world. We believe nature is our greatest teacher and the way to develop emotional and mental agility is to engage with the natural world. In doing so, we reconnect to our natural selves and engage our ability to reduce stress, restore attention, build stronger social connections, improve performance, enhance creativity and feel happier.

Each of our services include new and exciting ways to build connections with nature that help develop a process for overcoming adversity, strategies to adapt to change and techniques to increase agility. This process offers a perspective from which you can identify new patterns of observation, exploration and discovery that brings the natural environment into a more prominent space of your own ecology.

With nature therapy, coaching, education and wellness experiences we stimulate the development of flexible, sustainable strategies, and inspire self-discovery and -exploration leading to the adoption of compassionate communication, resourceful behavior, flexible approaches and a wellness mindset.

Bumblebee - elevate wellbeing
Resilient Tree - elevate wellbeing
Muntjac habitat - elevate wellbeing


To elevate wellbeing and the vitality of our communities and the natural world.


With sustainable, nature based solutions and respectful human and human-to-nature interactions we will elevate wellbeing and the vitality of our communities and the natural world and establish these as the standard of measuring human activity, health and wellbeing.


With nature-focused coaching, education and wellness experiences we stimulate the development of flexible, sustainable strategies, and inspire self-discovery and -exploration leading to the adoption of compassionate communication, resourceful behavior, flexible approaches and a wellness mindset.



We hold ourselves to the following values in everything we do.

Working Collaboratively for Clients and Nature

  • Our clients’ wellbeing comes first, and always with the drive to understand how to best elevate it. We believe that nature facilitates this faster than anything else. This foundation keeps nature as both our client and co-coach. Working with our clients in tandem with the natural world supports the wellbeing and vitality of all.

Respect and Dignity

We equally value every client as individuals and as members of a team and community. We respect their individuality, aspirations and challenges, and seek to understand their unique circumstances, needs, limitations and abilities. To elevate human wellbeing, we must preserve the dignity of all, including that of our natural environment. A healthy environment is a necessary element of living with dignity. When we all equally live with healthy air, water and food in a robust, biodiverse natural world, we experience sustainable and resilient natural, social and economic systems.

Commitment to Quality of Service

We are committed to providing a quality service and hold ourselves to exceptional standards. Providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental service is conducive to physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing. We constantly strive to improve our care and services for the benefits of our clients and our natural world, to provide a safe and effective experience every time, and to exceed expectations. The vitality of our natural world is essential to our wellbeing services, and we are committed to serving the environment with the same qualities that we serve our clients.

Compassion and Patience

Serving with patience and compassion provides the supportive environment necessary for healthy, productive processing, to gain insight and establish patterns of effective behavior. We respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s wellbeing journey and understand that their journey is on its own timeline. We practice the same patience and compassion to facilitate a robust and sustainable natural environment. We believe that nature’s networks offer the necessary conditions for resiliency and that, given sufficient time, will heal, grow and thrive. But this takes time and requires patience and compassion.

Inspiring Growth and Productivity

Our approach facilitates the necessary conditions for inspiring growth and productivity. Experiencing the natural world enhances our awareness, providing clarity of mind. It inspires us to be creative, teaches us how to survive and leads us to understand our own nature. By focusing our attention on specific aspects of nature and providing the conditions conducive for self-reflection, we establish new patterns of behaviour that are most resourceful to us and our circumstances and acquire the flexibility necessary for growth and productivity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to diversity and inclusion of all. This requires we ensure our language, behaviour and interactions are respectful, protect individuality, embrace change, support free expression of speech and creativity, inspire flexible learning and respect differences in our ideas and opinions. It is our responsibility to create, support and engage in a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity and respect for all. We also have the responsibility to take action when we observe the unfair treatment of others. We are committed to seeking out opportunities that expand our experiences and where we can learn from others to improve ourselves, our approach and our services to you.

Gina Geremia

Founding Director, Lead Practitioner

Adaptable By Design Founding Director - elevate wellbeing
Gina leading cleanup program, Mt Pisgah Westmore, Vermont.

Gina has over 30 years working in human and social services, experiential education and natural stewardship programs assessing human behavior and elevating the wellbeing of individuals and communities. She is dedicated to fostering an equitable world by serving diverse populations, social systems, businesses, and human and wild communities. And her commitment to helping individuals achieve outstanding results and supporting efforts to build natural biodiversity and climate resilience, runs deep.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Castleton University in Vermont, is a certified Professional Coach, accredited NLP Practitioner, accredited DISC Assessor, certified Forest Therapy Practitioner and certified Forest Bathing Guide.

She holds professional memberships with the Association for Coaching, Association for NLP, the International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine and the Climate Coaching Alliance.



We Are Adaptable By Design


We are human – natural beings, interconnected with the networks of nature. As natural beings, we are adaptable by design. Our bodies and minds are constructs made up of complex networks that have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years, woven together and symbiotically connected.

And yet, we have a systemic problem.

Our ability to navigate the stream of constantly changing environments and messages has been compromised and our ability to adapt stymied.

Adapting happens naturally, often without knowledge or notice. The ability to adjust our behavior is an instinctual reaction to changing environments. We are designed to deal with stress. Yet with humans, the process is affected by factors beyond instinct. Humans have evolved unique thinking capacities and consciousness, morals and values, and created technology to override our instincts and natural thought processes.

All of this has had significant implications and impact on our naturally connected networks. The constructs of society and the emotional, behavioral, physical and technological boundaries created with the help of (or in spite of) of our morals, values and ideas have at the very least distracted, more commonly distorted, and at worst blinded us so we now disregard nature as a teacher, ignore our instincts, question the motives of change and fear diversity. 

Adaptable By Design’s nature connected wellbeing services are the answer, because we know this is the direction we need to take to elevate human wellbeing and support a robust natural world. Our programs help you develop the strategies you need to adapt to change, the techniques for navigating a rapidly changing world and the process to design a path for overcoming adversity for your personal nature, your business and your social systems. 

Adaptable By Design was founded by Gina Geremia to provide solutions to the personal and social challenges we face today. Her approach and methods promote positive mental health states and elevate physical and social health by enhancing nature connectedness, interpersonal relationships and social cohesion.