Engaging Experiences & Workshops

Our forest bathing walks and workshops are based on the Forest Therapy Hub method and Liquid Interactions Model and support the understanding that health and wellbeing are dynamic and relative experiences. This holistic approach promotes the five stages of health and pathways to nature connectedness to elevate physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental wellbeing, through a carefully crafted series of nature connection activities in green spaces.

Forest Bathing walks range from a personal 1:1 wellbeing practice or regular workplace wellbeing activity to part of a team building workshop or day retreat. It can also be incorporated into a more comprehensive wellbeing plan as part of a forest or nature therapy programme.

Shinrin-Yoku: Forest Bathing For Your Health and Wellbeing

Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of letting nature into our body through our senses. The literal translation is ‘to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest’. In English, it is known as Forest Bathing.

Forest bathing is different from any other type of nature walk. Gentle walks of around 1-1½  kilometers (½-1 mile) last from 2-3 hours. Guided sessions offer activities that support the awakening of your senses. This reduces the static of your inner voice, allows you to be present and helps you establish a connection to nature.

The psychological and physical benefits of forest bathing include:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved cardiac and pulmonary function
  • increased focus
  • enhanced mood
  • reduced mental and physical pain
Each walk offers a different blend of mindfulness and meditative invitations, fun and sometimes interactive activities like Earth Art, Music Making or a Tea Ceremony.
Public Walks are offered throughout Suffolk and Essex. Find a walk in Rendlesham Forest or Broaks Wood!


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“The day transformed and deepened my experience and connection with trees and plants, to great advantage my in everyday life”

Daisy Anna Lees


“Delighted to discover the opportunity to experience Forest Bathing so close to my home, and Gina is a wonderful guide. After attending one of her group sessions I was keen to make the two hours a regular fixture, and now enjoy 1:1 walks once a month. Thank you Gina for helping me really make the most of my ‘me’ time, and in the perfect environment.”

Julie Hurst


I obsessively focus on the future all of the time. On ticket sales. On family life. On where I will be this time next year.
Yesterday in the rain was the first time I’d felt truly in the moment for a long time.
It was literal breath of fresh air. And one I never realised I needed so much!”

Johnny Marriott

Forest Bathing FAQs

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing is a gentle walk of around 1-1½  kilometers (½-1 mile) and lasts from 2-3 hours.

How is it different from a hike?

The intensity, speed and intention makes it very different. Deeply engaging your senses and moving consciously and gently opens a space of listening and acceptance that requires attention.

What can I get from it?

Forest bathing walks are wellness activities that improve your mental, physical and immunological health. You will slow down, develop focus and learn some tools for your daily life.

I'm not very fit, can I still do it?

Walks are designed to be slow, gentle and suitable for all levels of fitness. However, if you have a specific health condition, please mention it when registering.

What do you do when it rains?

Forest bathing is suitable for rain or sun and we will hold walks in all types of weather so long as it remains safe.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Water bottle (recommended 1.5 litres), snacks, sunscreen, appropriate shoes, and possibly a raincoat.

How many people are there on a walk?

Maximum of 12.


Guided Walks & Workshops

Walk & Talk Sessions

Perfect for a lunchtime reset!

All Walk & Talk Sessions blend gentle movement, mindfulness and sensory immersion to support the deepening of your connection to nature and promote the five stages of wellbeing.

Stepping out of your typical environment into nature removes the triggers that cause frustration, stress, anxiety, and unresourceful self-talk and behaviour.

Experience facilitated coaching, natural observation, and nature immersive moments as we weave through various landscapes from town to country lane, farmland to woodland.

Learning Points:

  • Self Care with Nature.
  • Triggers and how to deal with them.
  • New Communication Skills.
  • Self Coaching Techniques.
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing.

Location: Outdoors
Group Size: 4-12 participants
Duration: 1 hour
Starting at £20/participant

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Personal Desire Paths

Ideal for Professional and Creative Development and Team Building!

Desire paths are the paths created by humans and wildlife that defy planned walkways. They are typically created to make a journey quicker or easier.

Just like with public parks, gardens and wild settings, desire paths exist within our minds.  Plans we started yet abandoned, ideas we have and use occasionally and thoughts that continuously enter our minds are all desire paths. And then there are those desire paths that settle. Instead of working within the boundaries someone else sets, we find a way to make it easier, quicker or work better for us.

Learning Points:

  • What is a desire path.
  • Which ones are settled in you.
  • Why you abandon some and revisit others.
  • How to tell which to abandon.
  • How to keep on track with the ones that best suite you.

Location: Outdoors
Group Size:
4-12 participants
Duration: 3 hours
Price: Starting at £35/participant

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Nature for Performance

Great for Workplace Wellbeing, Mental Acuity and Inspired Creativity!

This is for everyone in your office. Each team member will learn something about themselves and how by bringing nature into the workplace they can improve their personal performance, shield themselves from building stress and reduce high blood pressure, heart-rate, and cortisol levels. 

We’ll discuss the term nature connectedness, how it relates to our health and wellbeing, and how it supports the health and vitality of our planet.

Learning Points:

  • What is nature connectedness.
  • How to build nature connectedness in the office.
  • Natural strategies for wellbeing, performance, and creativity.
  • How to identify when and where nature can help.
  • How mini-breaks with nature can help.

Includes a short forest bathing experience.

Location: Indoors and Outdoors
Group Size:
Up to 20 participants
Duration: 3 hours
Price: Starting at £35/participant

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Are you looking to elevate your visitor experience? If you’re a land owner, economic development professional, employer, wellbeing service provider, lodging or retreat facility, we bring forest bathing, guided walks and workshops to you to enhance visitor experience.

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