Terms & Conditions

Payment: I agree to the fee as outlined in the contract or programme registration, and understand it is nonrefundable.

Participation: Participation is voluntary, and participants can withdraw from the programme at any time without giving any reason and without answering any questions. Any payments made in overage of provided services may not be refundable.

Sessions: Sessions for outdoor services are held at the date, time and location as outlined in the contract or programme registration. Participants are asked to participate fully and attend all events. However, we understand that circumstances may arise preventing you from doing this. If your intention is to continue with the programme, we ask that if this happens, you continue with the daily activities and resume group participation the following session. If you are unable to attend a session, you agree to notify Adaptable By Design at least 48 hours before the scheduled session or as soon as you know by text or email.

Surveys: You may be asked to complete surveys, and will be provided with a unique identifying number to use for the purpose of these surveys. The information provided will be used to assess the results of the programme, individual activities and locations as well as track any identified symptoms.

Problems: If you are uncomfortable with anything said or done in a session, or concerned with the activities, please let your coach or wellbeing practitioner know as soon as possible. For our work to be effective we must have mutual trust.

Legalities: Adaptable By Design maintains professional indemnity insurance, complies with GDPR regarding your details, and adheres to a global industry code of ethics.

Confidentiality: Everything you share is confidential. Unless required by law, information you disclose during this programme will not directly or indirectly be used or disclosed.

Nature of Coaching, Forest Bathing, Nature Therapy, and all other programmes offered by Adaptable By Design: These services are not psychological counselling or any type of therapy or any other regulated service or activity. You enter this programme with the full understanding that results are not guaranteed.

Outdoor Consent For Services

In order to participate in any coaching, forest bathing, walk & talk or nature therapy programme with Adaptable By Design, which are frequently based in public and/or outdoor locations, it is important for you to read, understand, and agree to the following:

  • I understand that outdoor activities will take place at facilities or on premises not affiliated with Adaptable By Design. I further understand that Adaptable By Design does not take responsibility for any aspect or condition of these independent facilities or premises.
  • I understand that there may be potential physical dangers inherent in some of the activities associated with this programme, many of which are those associated with any type of physical exertion. I affirm that I am in proper physical condition to participate in outdoor activities and further acknowledge that my coach, guide or practitioner is not able to provide any type of medical clearance or advice for me with regard to my readiness to engage in these activities.
  • I understand that if I have questions or concerns about my capacity or readiness to engage in any of these activities I will consult first with my physician or other appropriate health care provider.
  • I understand that there are potential risks inherent in outdoor activities. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Adaptable By Design for any harm that may befall me related to uncontrollable external factors. These include but are not limited to physical and/or psychological injury or illness related to uneven ground, inclement weather, insect stings, animal bites, falling branches or rocks, sunburn, exposure to cold/heat, equipment failure, acts of Nature, and more.
  • I understand that privileged communication between me and Adaptable By Design cannot be guaranteed in settings outside the office as I may be seen or heard by others. I understand that my coach, guide or practitioner will endeavor to support confidential communications and maintain professional boundaries to the fullest extent possible when we are outside of the office. However, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Adaptable By Design for any harm that may befall me related to engaging in any activities in a public venue.
  • Based on my representation that I am in proper physical health and condition to participate in outdoor coaching, I agree:
  • To take full responsibility for my physical safety and to not engage in any activity in which I do not feel safe;
  • To let my coach, guide or practitioner know if I have any questions or issues that arise after agreeing to any of these activities and to recognize that simple consent for these services does not require me to participate in them and that I can rescind this consent at any time;
  • To fully disclose any mental, physical, or emotional condition/s or limitation/s which might affect my ability to participate in the outdoor activities provided by Adaptable By Design;
  • To help with safety, I understand all participants are expected to behave in a responsible manner, and at all times must take direction from Adaptable By Design or anyone appointed by Adaptable By Design and follow all instructions or guidance given;
  • In the event of illness or accident, I consent to any necessary medical treatment;
  • If any illness or medical treatment occurs after the return of this form and prior to the activity, I undertake to inform the party leader/booking office in writing;
  • Any other information that may affect my safety, or the safety of a participant, or any other persons and/or the organisation of the event, has been provided to Adaptable By Design;
  • To assume all risk of injury to myself and all risk of damage to and loss of my property arising out of my participation in any Adaptable By Design outdoor programme;
  • For myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives and assigns, to release and forever discharge Adaptable By Design and my coach, guide or practitioner from any and all liability for any injury, including death, and for any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, loss and damage arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in any Adaptable By Design outdoor programme.