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All wellbeing programmes are tailored to address the culture, wellbeing and ecology of each client for maximum benefit.

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We take a detailed 360° view to provide the insight and focus for you.

By zooming in on your challenges, resources and desired outcomes, we build a plan that provides short and long term benefits.

Wellbeing Programmes Address:

Personal Wellbeing: Sense of Calm and Peace, Life Satisfaction, Sense of Purpose,  Focus, Clarity of Mind, Creativity, Social Engagement, Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour, Compassion.

Workplace Wellbeing: Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Focus, Productivity, Professional Development, Employee Investment, Communication, Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour, Climate Action.

Community Wellbeing: Networking, Strategy, Economic Development, Social Engagement, Community Investment, Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviour, Ecotourism, Climate Action.


Pricing is based on the individual needs of each participant. After the initial free consultation, we provide a quote for the full programme. These wellbeing programmes start with a base price of £300 per person.

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The Complete Wellbeing Programme

Personal  •  Workplace  •  Community

These wellbeing programmes provide a 360° approach to assess your current condition, introduce new experiences and identify solutions for a flexible, sustainable plan for continued wellbeing.

What You Get
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Wellbeing Assessment
  • Interactive Wellbeing Experiences
  • Short- and Long-Germ Plans for Continued Wellbeing
  • Personal Wellbeing Kit
  • Email Support

Coaching is included throughout the programme to understand the goal, recognise issues, uncover root problems, identify the best course of action and ensure we keep on track as you build your plan for continued wellbeing.

The Assessment

The Wellbeing Assessment evaluates current conditions, trends, attitudes and behaviours through conversation, self-evaluation and surveys.  A deep dive into the personality, culture and structure, they are used to establish a wellbeing baseline. We provide multiple assessments throughout the process to evaluate progress and help you make adjustments.

The Experiences

Introducing new experiences into a routine opens opportunities for new behaviours and attitudes about your overall health and wellbeing. Experiences can include forest bathing, meditation, mindfulness, sensory, physical or observational activities, walks, DISC personality profiles, workshops and retreats.

The Plan

Addressing  the impact of personal, professional and social factors, these plans offer a series of activities and practices to reduce stress and anxiety, deepen emotional intelligence, enrich relationships, embrace different cultures, and support natural biodiversity and climate resiliency. Each plan includes quick changes as well as longer-term solutions as a blueprint for continued wellbeing.

Nature-Based Solutions Workshop

Workplace  •  Community

This Workshop introduces the need to support natural biodiversity and climate resiliency. Through interactive participation we will addresses problems and potential issues that contribute to poor environmental and social wellbeing and identify areas of improvement, learn nature based solutions and develop a customised plan for the purpose of contributing to climate resiliency and building biodiversity.

Get on board with Climate Resiliency by incorporating Nature-Based Solutions into your operations.

Duration: 3 hours up to a full day depending on your needs.
Price: Starting at £35/participant

Team Building Workshops

Personal  •  Workplace  •  Community

If you think your team is in a slump, this three-hour team building workshop can pull you out by increasing focus and creativity.

The workshop includes team building activities that stimulate creative thought and open communication. By removing typical distractions, teams have the space and time to reflect and gain new perspective. As a consequence, they are more productive, supportive and loyal to one another. Furthermore, leaders are more compassionate, open and supportive. Overall, this makes for a highly functioning team!

Teams include any group of people connected with a common goal: Colleagues, students, musicians and performers of all kinds.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: £35/participant

DISC Profiling


The DISC profile is a personality assessment tool used to improve workplace systems, teamwork, leadership, sales, communication and collaboration. They are well-known to transform professional relationships because they identify top performers, increase team performance, and enhance communication.

Drive your business forward efficiently and effectively by working together with your team while also considering the support, development and resources they need to be their best.

Price: starting at £100/profile


Personal • Workplace

Retreats are the perfect chance for you to take time to be kind to yourself, connect with others and develop a wellness mindset that will carry you forward as you return to your daily life. They also offer a sense of togetherness and community. Because they offer a safe space for honest communication, retreats are an encouraging place for you to share your personal story as part of your wellness journey.

Retreat dates are announced on social media and sold via AirBnB and Eventbrite. Themes include Improve Your Relationship with Nature, More Than Manage Your Menopause and Trust Your Gut.

Team Building retreats are an extension of the Team Building Workshop and great for refocusing your team on vision, brand and wellbeing.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can build a retreat for you, your workplace or your community.

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We are an Ecotourism Partner

Are you looking to build your visitor experience? If you’re an economic development professional, employer, wellbeing service provider, lodging or retreat facility, we bring forest bathing, guided walks and workshops to you so you can enhance your visitor and guest’s visits.

If you want to partner with us and offer these services at your location, let us know!