Renature yourself and restore the vibrant, healthy you.

reN8ture is a self-referral programme in Suffolk and Essex building mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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What is Renaturing?

Renaturing refers to restoring our wellbeing to its natural state by reconnecting with our innate ability to be and feel well. By establishing a new relationship with nature we recognise ourselves as a part of it. As we spend more time being with it, we develop nature connectedness. This new connection supports a greater sense of wellbeing and enables us to more easily adapt to the continuing changes of modern society. Sometimes nature needs a hand to re-establish itself before it can return to a healthy ecosystem. As natural beings in today’s world, we also need a helping hand to elevate our wellbeing.
Nature is that helping hand.

How it Works

Self-referral or by Social Prescription

This eight-week programme supports an individual's journey toward elevated wellbeing. Introducing the benefits of spending time with nature inspires positive attitudes and behaviours and motivates individuals to establish sustainable lifestyle habits that support mental and physical health, social engagement, and a deep connection to the natural world. We do this through a blend of nature therapy, coaching, social engagement and ongoing support from a certified forest therapy practitioner, accredited NLP practitioner and coach.

After an initial assessment by a certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, individuals are invited to take part in an intake evaluation to establish a baseline for areas of wellbeing including mental health, nature connectedness, social engagement, physical condition, and motivation to participate. A programme is then designed around the individual’s assessment and self-evaluation.

Participants receive valuable support throughout the programme. Guided by an accredited NLP practitioner, coach and forest therapy practitioner, there are opportunities to engage in a variety of natural environments. Participants will receive regular 1:1 coaching and forest therapy sessions, guided walks with others, and ongoing support throughout as well as six weeks following programme completion.

Week 1

Initial Assessment
An easy, friendly conversation giving us the opportunity to answer your questions and learn more about you and your circumstances. This begins the framework for your bespoke programme.

Week 2

Intake Assessment & Self-evaluation
Valuable insight to establish a baseline for mental and emotional health, social engagement, nature connectedness, physical condition, and motivation.  This is used to design your programme.

Weeks 3-8

Nature Therapy
A carefully crafted programme designed for you that includes mindfulness, slow movement, sensory immersion, coaching, and social engagement in nature. Upon completion you'll receive an ongoing nature-based wellbeing plan plus six weeks of additional email support.