A Wellbeing Programme for You, and One for the Workplace


We offer two programmes to support your journey to a restored sense of wellbeing. Each wellbeing programme includes engaging and gentle experiences in green spaces that inspire joy, a sense of wonder and awe and facilitate a process to elevated wellbeing.



reN8ture is a self-referral nature therapy intervention for those who:

  • feel low, stressed, anxious, or burned out;
  • suffer from climate anxiety;
  • feel unable to think clearly or make decisions;
  • feel stuck in undesirable patterns of behaviour or negative thought;
  • experience poor sleep or low energy throughout the day;
  • want to feel deeper connections and improve communication;
  • want to feel physically better and happier.

A blend of walk and talk coaching, nature mindfulness, forest therapy,  and social engagement reconnects you to your natural self and brings this reN8tured you into a more prominent view so you can thrive in your modern life. You will learn natural, effective techniques to elevate and sustainably manage your wellbeing and reconnect with your natural self.

Renaturing refers to reconnecting with our natural ability to be and feel well. By establishing a new relationship with nature we recognise ourselves as a part of it. As we spend more time being in and with it, we develop nature connectedness. This new connection supports a greater sense of wellbeing and enables us to more easily adapt to the continuing changes of modern society. Sometimes nature needs a hand to re-establish itself before it can return to a healthy ecosystem. As natural beings in today’s world, we also need a helping hand to elevate our wellbeing. Nature is that helping hand, and as we become stewards of the natural world, so too does it support our wellbeing.

This eight-week wellbeing programme takes a holistic and dynamic approach to support an individual’s journey toward elevated wellbeing by introducing the benefits of spending time in and with nature.  The process inspires positive attitudes and behaviours and motivates participants to establish sustainable lifestyle habits that support mental and physical health, social engagement, and a deep connection to the natural world.

We do this through a blend of experiential education, moments of nature connection activities, coaching, social engagement and ongoing support from a certified forest therapy practitioner and coach. 

Over 40 years’ of science demonstrates that direct exposure to and engagement with nature facilitates elevated mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Some of the benefits of this programme are:

  • reduced stress and anxiety
  • lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved cardiac and pulmonary function
  • increased focus
  • enhanced mood
  • reduced mental and physical pain

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Outside, In 

Outside, In is a workplace wellbeing programme introducing nature and nature experiences for elevated wellbeing, performance, creativity, and communication.  Our holistic approach assesses environment, culture and employee wellbeing to identify solutions for a flexible, sustainable nature-based wellbeing plan.

The process offers insight into how to incorporate nature into the workspace, as well as bringing the workforce outside for maximum benefit for all.

Learn what has the most impact on employees,  how they feel about their work, what is important to them, and give them the opportunity to develop a sense of pride for their place of employment.

What you get

Wellbeing Assessment

The Wellbeing Assessment is a deep-dive into the culture and structure of the workplace. We evaluate current conditions, trends, attitudes and behaviours through conversation, self-evaluation and surveys to establish a wellbeing baseline. 

Interactive Wellbeing Experiences

Introducing new experiences into a routine opens up opportunities for new behaviours and attitudes about personal and workplace health and wellbeing. Experiences can include forest bathing, mindfulness activities, walks, workshops and retreats.

Individual and Group Coaching

Coaching is included to help define the goal, recognise issues, uncover root problems, identify best course of action, and ensure you keep on track as you build a plan for continued wellbeing.

Wellbeing Plan

This addresses  the impact of personal, professional and social factors by offering activities and practices that reduce stress and anxiety, deepen emotional intelligence, enrich relationships, embrace cultural diversity, and support natural biodiversity and climate resiliency. Quick changes and long-term solutions are included in a blueprint for continued wellbeing.

Bringing nature to you and you to nature

Bringing nature into the workplace…

We bring the outside, in with a variety of natural elements including light, colour, aspects and soundscape, and use natural observation skills to address collaborative thinking and working.

Bringing the workplace into nature…

As humans we have an inner desire to connect with nature, yet these desires look and feel different to each of us. We have different levels of drive to experience nature, enjoy different activities, and have varying degrees of nature exposure. Bringing the workplace into nature offers gentle and impactful experiences in green spaces that inspire joy, awe and facilitate a process to elevated personal and workplace wellbeing.

Benefits of the programme…
  • Goals and Strategy: Increase Focus and Mental Acuity, Develop Growth Mindset, Inspire Creativity.
  • Wellbeing: Build Confidence, Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Establish Self-Care, Overcome Limiting Beliefs.
  • Workplace: Develop Skills, Improve Communication, Enhance Performance, Build Social Engagement.
  • Climate Action: Increase awareness of climate issues and how to take climate action. 

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*Ad Hoc Services

 DISC Profiling

The DISC profile is a personality assessment tool used to improve workplace systems, teamwork, leadership, sales, communication and collaboration. They are well-known to transform professional relationships because they identify top performers, increase team performance, and enhance communication. Add this to any wellbeing programme for maximum impact!

Drive your business forward efficiently and effectively by working together with your team while also considering the support, development and resources they need to be their best. 

Price: starting at £100/profile

We are an Ecotourism Partner

Are you looking to build your visitor experience? If you’re an economic development professional, employer, wellbeing service provider, lodging or retreat facility, we bring forest bathing, guided walks and workshops to you so you can enhance your visitor and guests’ visits.

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