Adaptable By Design offers Nature-Based Solutions


Adaptable By Design offers nature-based solutions to enhance emotional and mental agility through meaningful engagement with the natural world. Rooted in the belief that nature is our greatest teacher and supported with robust science, we offer cutting-edge solutions for sustainable results.

Our Approach

  • Reconnect with Your Natural Self. Engage with nature to unlock your innate ability to reduce stress, restore attention, and build stronger social connections.
  • Boost Performance and Creativity. Our innovative solutions empower you to improve performance, enhance creativity, and experience a profound sense of happiness.

What Sets Us Apart

  • New and Exciting Solutions. Adaptable By Design offers nature-based solutions and cutting-edge techniques that foster connections with nature, providing you with tools to overcome adversity and strategies to adapt to change.
  • Techniques for Increased Agility. Our process focuses on integrating the natural environment into your everyday life. In doing so, you develop agility by identifying new patterns of observation, exploration, and discovery.

Our Results

Through our process, clients discover solutions to their challenges and forge meaningful, sustainable pathways to manage their lives and wellbeing.

Elevate your life with Adaptable By Design – where green wellbeing meets science-backed solutions for a harmonious connection with nature and improved mental, emotional, and physical health.



Adaptable By Design offers nature-based solutions that forge essential connections with nature, enhance overall wellbeing, and champion the vitality of the natural world.


To pioneer leadership in nature-based wellbeing through sustainable, science-backed solutions, respectful interactions, and innovative practices that elevate universal wellbeing and nurture the vitality of the natural world. 


We reconnect individuals to their natural selves and introduce techniques fostering natural adaptability to overcome challenges, build resilience, and sustain elevated wellbeing. 



Gina Geremia

Founding Director, Adaptable By Design

Adaptable By Design Founding Director - elevate wellbeing




Gina is a highly accomplished Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner, Accredited NLP Practitioner, and Performance Coach. She has over three decades of experience in the fields of human and social services, experiential education, coaching, and natural stewardship. Throughout her career, Gina has demonstrated a keen understanding of human and wild behaviour, leveraging these insights to design and execute a myriad of wellbeing programmes.

Gina’s expertise extends to crafting and implementing specialized programmes tailored to diverse populations. These programmes support initiatives for sexual assault survivors, adults grappling with poor mental and emotional health, and young individuals contending with behavioural disorders. Her dedication to fostering positive outcomes for individuals reflects in her commitment to delivering impactful programmes that facilitate healing and personal growth.




Adaptable By Design Values


At Adaptable By Design, we hold ourselves to the following values.

Working Collaboratively for Clients and Nature

Our clients’ wellbeing comes first, and always with the drive to understand how to best elevate it. We believe nature facilitates this faster than anything else. This foundation keeps nature as both our client and co-coach.

Respect and Dignity

We equally value every client. We respect their individuality, aspirations and challenges and seek to understand their needs, limitations, and abilities. In order to elevate human wellbeing, we must preserve the dignity of all, including that of our natural environment. A healthy environment is a necessary element of living with dignity. Furthermore, when we all equally live with healthy air, water and food in a robust, biodiverse natural world, we experience sustainable and resilient natural, social and economic systems.

Compassion and Patience

Nature offers the necessary conditions for resiliency and that, given sufficient time, will heal, grow and thrive. But this takes time and requires compassion and patience. With this in mind, we respond with humanity and kindness to each person’s wellbeing journey. We practice the same compassion and patience to facilitate a robust and sustainable natural environment.

Commitment to Quality of Service

We are committed to providing a quality service and hold ourselves to exceptional standards for the benefits of our clients and their wellbeing. Because the vitality of our natural world is essential to our mission, we are committed to serving the environment with the same qualities that we serve our clients.